Genus Camera Cheese Plate (exDemo)


The Genus Camera Cheese Plate is a specially designed multi-purpose mounting plate. It gives a convenient and easy way to attach camera accessories. The plate is covered with a series of 1/4 " and 3/8" holes. It allows you to mount articulating arms, rods, camera batteries, converter boxes and various other camera accessories to your support system.

Compatible with the industry standard 15mm rods, you can add virtually any accessories to your camera-rig system. The Cheese Plate can be operated in Horizontal mode, better suit for heavier batteries, or in Vertical Mode to support external recorder such as Ki Pro. When mounted with accessories such as camera batteries, it also act as a counter balance on shoulder mount. The unique design of the mounting bracket allows for switching from Horizontal mode to Vertical mode and vice-versa without using any tool.

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Demo stock has only been used for display purposes.