Ki-Pro Cage with 350mm Adapter Bar Rods

$300.00 $199.00

The Genus Ki Pro Cage provides protection and support for your AJA Ki Pro.

Made from aviation grade aluminium, it is both light weight and sturdy. The modular and flexible design of the cage allows a wide range of mounting options for your AJA Ki Pro unit.

The cage can either be mounted directly between your camera and tripod or used as a stand-alone support system. The retractable handle makes it easy to carry and transport.

The Ki Pro cage also features support for industry standard 15 mm rods which allows optional configuration with a wide range of camera accessories such as matte boxes, follow focus units and shoulder mount rigs. The rods can also be used to support external power or batteries for your Ki Pro unit.


• Retractable Handle for easy toting 
• Made from aviation grade aluminium 
• Protects Ki Pro from bumps and damage 
• Modular and flexible design 
• Option to attach external battery 
• Lightweight and sturdy 
• Tripod mountable 
• Adjustable centre of gravity 
• Camera height adjustable 
• Supports industry standard 15mm rods

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