Polarizer ND Variable Filter 82mm

Notice: The product designed for photographic purposes only. 

Genus are proud to announce the launch of the Polarizer ND Variable Filter, a dual purpose filter comprising of a variable Neutral Density Filter AND a Circular Polariser. Both elements are individually adjustable to suit your shooting conditions and control the amount of light going through the lens.

The combined variable ND & Circular Polariser have several uses and offer the possibility to achieve other unachievable results.

  • Flexible Light Control without the need to change filters
  • Easily rotatable to fine tune the amount of light entering your lens Circular Polariser element is also rotatable to find the perfect position of polarisation
  • Variable Neutral Density from 2-8 stops
  • Superior Colour fidelity & optical clarity
  • Optical Glass elements are HD laser treated
  • Ideal for both photo and video
  • Expands your creative options
  • Create motion blur in your photos by increasing exposure with ease
  • Enhance your videos by reducing depth of field to achieve the film look
  • Super thin expanded front element to minimize vignetting
  • Comes with a Micro-Fibre cleaning cloth
  • Comes with a rotation extension handle 
Type Variable neutral density and circular polarizer
Size 82mm
Thickness 10.0 mm
Density 0.6-2.4 (2 to 8 stops)
Rotating Variable Neutral Density Element: Yes; to vary density
Circular Polarizer Element: Yes; for polarization of light
Effect Variable Neutral Density Element: Permits a longer exposure
Circular Polarizer Element: Eliminates reflections and haze and improves color and tonal saturation
Construction Water White glass
Front Filter Thread Size 86 mm
Front Lens Cap Size 86 mm

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