PV Matte Box Advanced Kit (exDemo)


The Genus GPV-MK2PV PV Advanced Kit contains all the accessories that come with GPV-MK1PV, GPVCMC Panavision Compact Clip-on Matte Box System, GPVFF French Flag for GPVCMC, and G-HEB Adjustable Height Matte Box Bracket. What's more, GPVSFS Side Flags, G-SAB Matte Box Swing Away Bracket, and GARD-NK Lens Adaptor Ring with Nuns Knickers.

The Genus GPVCMC Panavision Wide Clip-on Matte Box holds two 4 x 5.65'' (10.2 x 14.4 cm) filters with 2 lockable filter holders, one fixed and one 360 rotatable for graduating filters. Equipped with wide rayshade, the matte box can accommodate standard and wide-angle lenses.

With 2 stages of filter trays, one fixed and one 360 rotatable for graduating filters, both filter trays accept 4 x 5.65" filters ( 4x4 filters can also be used, when the trays are horizontal) and are removable from the top as well as the bottom, which gives you easy access and withdrawal of the filters. This unique feature allows you to quickly switch the filters according to your camera configuration, especially for video cameras that have microphone above the lens.

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