NAB Show 2018 Wrap-up article on ProVideo by Jeff Foster

" Genustech I love the quality of Genustech products. They feel well engineered and probably over-built for their price point. I’ve tested and reviewed several of their support gear products here on PVC over the years, but was really intrigued to find out they had a SIMPLE teleprompter solution that just makes sense. Their new ScriptShade™ kit utilizes their already popular rail/mattebox system with a simple bracket and high-quality reflective mirror for your iPad Mini or smartphone tablet. If you’re like me, you often build out a rail/matte box kit for various production setups and having to add a clunky teleprompter frame/bracket just makes for a clumsy (and heavy) setup. This is so simple and light that you can easily use this for a handheld camera as well as in the studio".
Maria Reimers
Maria Reimers


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