Genus Elite Matte Box Kit MK2 (Discontinued)

The Elite Matte Box MK2 comes with an Elite Matte Box, combo 4x4 and P Size 4x5.65, 2 filter trays, one fixed and one 360 rotatable for graduating filters, and a French Flag and 2x Adjustable Side Flags for total light and flare control. A 15mm Quick Release Bracket is also included. As in this package, you also get 15mm lightweight Swing Away Bracket and Height Extension Bracket for ultimate shooting experience. This kit is the ideal accessory for larger sensor cameras, broadcast cameras, and cameras with various lenses. 
Optional adaptor ring available 
In the drop-down menu
Choose "with Elite Clamp on adaptor ring" with your lens diameter to add to order.
Please contact us if you are not sure which adaptor ring to order.

This package includes:

GE-M Elite Matte Box
GEM-FF Elite French Flag
GEM-FTPS Elite Filter Tray P size (4 x 5.64) and Standard (4 x 4) 
GEM-HEB Height Extension Bracket
G-SAB Swing Away Bracket
GEM-BD Set of Side Flags (pair)


Optional filter tray:

GEM-FTPSS 5.65x5.65
GEM-FTPVC 4x5.65/5x5

A wide range of optional Clamp-On Adaptor Rings are available for the Elite Matte Box, ranging from 80mm to 121mm, so you can easily match it to the lens of your choice.

Optional support brackets:

GEM-QRBSB 15mm lightweight standard
GEM-SBSB 15mm studio standard
GEM-SSB 19mm Studio rods bracket

Elite Nuns Knickers

Do-nut ring fitted with a black-out fabric cover that wraps around the barrel of your lens to block out any light completely.

When use in conjunction with the Swing Away Bracket, therefore the Matte Box does not have to be removed from the bars when changing lenses.

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