Gen-X Shoulder Mount System (Discontinued)

The Gen-X Shoulder mount is an upgrade of Genus Camera Shoulder Mount (GCSMK).

The Gen X Plate is a revolutionary new camera baseplate system catering to both large and small cameras Genus has designed this baseplate for the camera professional who needs their equipment to have the flexibility and versatility to adapt and evolve to new camera and production challenges.

This Shoulder Mount System is dual handgrip shoulder mounted, modular system designed for different cameras. It utilizes our height-adjustable Gen X Plate allows you to mount any cameras or DSLRs with / without battery grips. Your tripod plate can attach directly to the bottom of the plate using the standard tripod screws.

The Offset bracket allows you to shift the camera weight to centrally aligned to your body.

The Rig is manufactured from aviation grade aluminium that makes the rig both strong and lightweight. Using industry-standard 15mm rods, the rig is easily accessorized with your choice such as matte box, follow focus, or audio recorder.

The Counterweight, the Heavy Duty Shoulder pad, and the Gen X Plate are all adjustable for ease of finding the perfect balance and comfort for operation all day long.

The Cheese system can be added to the rear of the rig for counterbalance weight and additional mounting options for accessories.

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