Genus MoCo (Motion Control System) for Camera Jibs & Sliders (Discontinued)

Collections: Jib (Discontinued)

Genus introduces a unique universal motion control system (G-MoCo).
The Genus MoCo will attach to almost any tripod and camera jib combination on the market.

Also works with camera sliders

Within minutes you will be ready to create controlled movements for live or time-lapse sequences.

The MoCo is small enough to fit in your back trouser pockets but allows to produce results that previously were reserved for high budget productions.

Easy to set up. Just clamp to your tripod, unwind and attach string to your camera crane or jib and balance.

Connect control unit to battery and adjust to desired speed.

The Genus MoCo allows you to increase your production value for minimal cost and effort.

The perfect companion for the Genus Mini Jib

Also available as part of  Mini Jib with Moco package


The MoCo is powered by 8 x AA batteries. The battery holder should be removed from the housing and the 4 batteries positioned on both sides before powering up.

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