Genus Superior Follow Focus System


The Genus Superior Follow Focus System is designed for DSLR or Professional Cameras. It allows you to easily change lenses and Pitch Gears using a sliding bracket.

The unit also features a clamp-on quick release bar, which allows it to be detached easily without removing the other components from the rig.

A 0.8 Pitch Gear is included with the system, and can be interchanged with other Genus Pitch Gears. It can also be flipped to allow reverse rotation, and has a reusable bevelled marking disc allowing you to mark your preference on the disc.

Four Different size of Pitch Gear available: 0.8W, 0.8, 0.6, 0.5

Pitch Gear size available Usage
0.8 and 0.8W General DSLR Camera
0.5 Canon & Angenieux lenses
0.6 Fujinon lenses