Genus Superior Follow Focus System DSLR with G-P08 Pitch Gear and G-FG Lens Gear


The Genus Superior Follow Focus System is designed for DSLR or Professional Cameras. It allows you to easily change lenses and Pitch Gears using a sliding bracket.

The unit also features a clamp-on quick release bar, which allows it to be detached easily without removing the other components from the rig.

A 0.8 Pitch Gear and Flexible Lens Gear ring are included with the system, and can be interchanged with other Genus Pitch Gears. It can also be flipped to allow reverse rotation, and has a reusable bevelled marking disc allowing you to mark your preference on the disc.

Four Different size of Pitch Gear available: 0.8W, 0.8, 0.6, 0.5

Pitch Gear size available Usage
0.8 and 0.8W General DSLR Camera
0.5 Canon & Angenieux lenses
0.6 Fujinon lenses