Genus Cage for GoPro Hero 3 (CP-CAGE-BK)

The Genus GoPro cage, the ultimate protection for your GoPro Hero 3 camera is now on sale!

Now available with optional ND.09 filter

(To buy 52mm ND0.9 filter with GoPro cage, select it  in drop down menu next to price)

Scroll to the bottom to see note to use with GoPro Hero 3+.
Remember to get a 52mm to 82mm step-up ring for your favorite filter.

The GoPro camera has enabled you the possibilities of shooting anything and anywhere.  Now, with the Genus GoPro cage, your camera can get closer to the action than ever before. Mounting a GoPro Hero 3 camera has never been easier. The need to handle the toughest situations has driven us to design the strongest and most versatile GoPro camera housing in the world. Our new GoPro cage is the first product in the new line of Genus GoPro camera accessories and mounts.

Optional ND.09 Filter

The Genustech ND0.9 filter reduces light by 3 stops. 

This is advantageous with GoPro cameras as it tricks the camera into using a lower shutter speed.

Lower shutter speed reduces "Jello" effects common  in GoPro camera footage due , to the camera's rolling shutter, high shutter speed  and vibration. Vibration from propellers is a common problem in  quadcopter  and drone filming .

Reduced shutter speed also increases motion blur which will make your GoPro  look more cinematic.

The filter is 52mm in diameter so it easily screws into the 52mm threaded lens port on the Genus GoPro cage.

To buy 52mm ND0.9 filter with GoPro cage, select it  in drop down menu next to price.


Optional Filter Step Rings

For filter sizes other than 52mm Genus makes a series of 52mm filter step rings


Limited Stock. Order Now!

Genus GoPro Cage by Genustech from Genustech on Vimeo.



Español Idioma del vídeo Spanish Language Video

Genus GoPro Cage by Genustech from Genustech on Vimeo.


  • GoPro Mount adaptor allows 14 different mounting positions.
  • 30 separate accessory mounting positions using ¼”-20 threaded holes.
  • 6 separate 3/8"-16 threaded holes.
  • 52mm Filter Thread built into the cage, allowing for protective and effects filters, and lens adaptors.
  • Precision CNC Aluminum housing for 360 degree protection, featuring back plate with rear mounting option.
  • Accessibility Window to allow for HDMI output and USB external Power
  • Naked GoPro Adaptor Shims, allowing the use of camera without the waterproof housing in order to combat lens fogging issues.
  • Safety line anchor point, to allow for attachment of lanyards, Carabiners etc.
  • Can sit the GoPro camera flat on a surface whilst in the waterproof housing. 
  • Mounting position for the cage allows the camera lens to be centred optically with a tripod or other camera mount.

Notes for use with GoPro Hero 3+ camera

The cage can be used with the Hero 3+ camera in its naked state and the original Hero 3 splash housing.

The latest version of the splash housing released at same time of Hero 3+ is not compatible with the cage.

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