GMB-HP Hot Plate Professional Adaptor Bar System (Discontinued)

The Hot-Plate is designed to work among other the new generation of large sensor video cameras such as Sony F-3 and Panasonic AF-100. There are two mounting positions for the rod support bracket, one specifically for F-3 and the other for AF-100. The Hot-Plate comes with 215mm (8.6") rods and 200mm (8") extension rods as standard, which allows mounting accessories to the front and back of the plate, such as matte boxes, follow focus systems or batteries.


The Hot-Plate comes with 2x1/4", 2x3/8" camera screws to suit the mounting of a wide range of cameras.  With two stages of height adjustment, you can align the camera easily with the accessories. Non-slip rubber strips on the back plate help prevent wobbling of the camera and scratches to the camera body. The base of the plate is supported on all 4 corners to give you a rigid fixing platform

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