Matte Box DSLR Kit: GWMC Matte Box with French Flag, Rod bracket and GMB/DSLR camera plate - GMKDSLR (Discontinued)

Matte Box DSLR Kit by Genus comes with GWMC Wide Angle Mattebox, GFFW French Flag, GSP-400-038 Adaptor unit to support 15mm and 12mm LWS rods, and GMB/DSLR Adaptor Bars System.

This kit provide everything you need for DSLR video shooting.

This Matte Box Kit includes :

GWMC Genus Wide Matte Box
GFFW French Flag Assembly (Full)
GSP-400-038 Adaptor unit to support 15mm and 12mm LWS rods
GMBDSLR Genus Adaptor Bar System for DSLR type cameras



You can add a separate adaptor ring to match the filter thread size of your lens, to use GWMC as a clip-on There are a wide range of adaptor rings available to fit lenses from 58mm to 86mm.
Adaptor Ring Page

or with Nun's Knicker's Adaptor a flexible adaptor which accommodates a wide range of lens diameters 
Nun's Knicker's Page

With Swing Away bracket, you can change your lens in a snap, without having to remove the Matte Box
Swing Away bracket Page 


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