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Matte Box Lite by Genus is one of the best compact designed Matte Box you can find on the market.

It is perfect for entry-level consumers as it gives you great control of light, while keeping the price down. The matte box clips onto your camera lens easily with the use of adaptor rings. It comes with 1 stage, 4x4 360 rotatable filter tray for graduating filters, removable from the top as well as the bottom, which gives you easy access to the filters. This unique feature allows you to quickly switch the filters according to your camera configuration. 

The Matte Box Lite also features a 360-degree rotating filter tray. With friction adjustment, you have full control of the rotating speed. There are audible clicks at every 90-degree rotation, so you can judge the position of the filter. It is built for a clip on system, ideal in situations where you only need one filter at a time.

A French Flag Assembly (Full) GFFW can be added to this Matte Box.


Adaptor Ring Sizes

The adaptor ring size for your lens is the same as it's filter size.

More information on adaptor rings are available here.

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