Matte Box Superior Kit: GWMC, GFFW, GMB/A Combination, with GSP-400-038 (Discontinued)

GMKSUP Superior Matte Box kit by Genus contains the GWMC Wide Angle Matte Box, GMB/A Advanced Adaptor Bar System, GFFW French Flag, and GSP-400-038 Adaptor Bracket to support 15mm and 12mm bars.

The Genus Basic Matte Box Kit is not just for video cameras it's also the perfect companion for your DSLR . This matte box is durable, yet light, designed for professional use. 2 filter holders, french flag and rayshade make this an extremely important tool for your video shoots.  

The Genus Advanced Adaptor Plate (GMB/A) is a masterpiece in versatility and design. It features vertical and horizontal braces, which can be adjusted with a turn of a knob. This allows your matte box to be aligned perfectly without any fuss. The top adaptor plate slides back and forth to accommodate any lens length and can be removed for easy camera mounting while the base tripod plate is simple to fix onto your tripod.

GWMC - Wide Clip on Matte Box System GFFW - French Flag Assembly (Full) GMB/A - Advanced Adaptor Bars System GSP-400-038 adaptor bracket

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