ND400-72 ND400 Neutral Density Filter 72mm

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Genustech Black Label ND400 filter is 8 2/3 stop Neutral Density filter. This 72mm  diameter filter is made of the highest quality German SCHOTT B270 glass

mult-coated ND filters schott glass

The filters are multicoated using a process patented by our Black  Label production partner H&Y and the best Japanese metallic ND coatings.

scratch resistant ND filter

Our filters also feature a hard water repellent coating on both sides for increased protection from dirt and scratches

Our  unique manufacturing process means our filters have  superior colour fidelity and spectral performance. 

ND filters are invaluable to when you need shallow depth of field in bright lighting conditions. Great for long exposure photography and creating motion blur. 

Diameter 72mm

About Genustech Black Label

The Genustech Black Label is a select range of products from our production partners.

With Black Label, Genustech sources the best products at the best prices.

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