GMB-UPWB Universal Adaptor Bar System without 15mm rods

The Universal Plate is designed for the new generation large sensor video cameras such as the Sony F3, Canon EOS C300 and Panasonic AF100. 

The Universal Plate allows mounting accessories on the front and back side of the plate. It mounts to the camera with 2x1/4", a 3/8" camera screws and a pin to suit wide range of cameras. The camera is fixed onto the rods on all four corners to ensure stability.

With adjustable rods height and horizontal movement of the top plate, you can easily align the camera and other accessories, like matte boxes and follow focus systems. The top plate can also slide off, making camera fixing easy and acts as a quick release plate and slide on the horizontal plane for fine balance adjustment. Two ends stops are supplied to ensure the top plate is held in position. Non-slip rubber strips on the back plate help prevent wobbling of the camera and scratches to the camera body.

It is manufactured from aviation grade aluminium that makes the rig both strong and lightweight.

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