• Gen-X Plate

      Gen-X Plate

         camera baseplate

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           50mm f/0.95 for Sony E-Mount

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           variable ND filter

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Camera Rod Standards Explained and Illustrated

January 18, 2015

At Genus we often get asked about the various rod sizes and standards used to support camera accessories in film and video production.
To aid  in explaining we have done a camera rod diagram.  Rods which are also known as rails and bars commonly come in two sizes, 15mm and 19mm.
When both designing and buying camera accessories which mount on rods like matte box and follow focus units  it is important to understand these standards
The critical measures in all rod standards are rod height and rod spacing. Rod height is defined as the distance of the optical centre of the lens also known as the optical axis and the centre of the rods. Rod spacing is defined as the distance between the centres of the rods.
The diagram below illustrates the the rod height and spacing of the different standards. Affer the rod diagram we will discuss the standards individually.

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