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Eclipse ND Fader Filters (variable ND filters)

Notice: Do not use your Eclipse Filter as a viewing device for looking at the sun or other bright light sources as you risk damage to your eyes. Use only devices designed for that purpose.

The Genustech Eclipse ND variable filter eliminates the need to carry multiple Neutral Density filters. Now you can easily rotate the filter to fine tune the amount of light entering your camera lens.

The Genustech Eclipse ND filter gives you 2 to 8 stops of ND.

The use of new laser technology ensures superior colour fidelity and sharpness when compared to competing Variable ND filters. The Genus Eclipse ND Fader is your pro quality variable neutral density filter. It is rated by many as the best variable ND filter on the market.
Sony A7s with ND Fader Filter, genustech eclipse
The Genus Eclipse ND is the perfect neutral density solution for Sony A7s camera.

How to use your Eclipse ND Fader Filter

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