Genus Elite Matte Box

The Elite Matte Box is a versatile production matte box. It is the perfect companion to the new generation of larger sensor cameras, as well as broadcast and film cameras with various lenses.
The GE-M features two filter stages. The front filter tray is fixed and the rear filter tray rotates 360 degrees, making it suitable for polarising and graduated filters. The rotating filter tray can be locked to a set position.
Three optional filter trays are available:

GEM-FTPS 4x4 / 4x5.65
GEM-FTPVC 4x5.65 / 5x5
GEM-FTPSS 5.65x5.65

A wide range of optional Clamp-On Adaptor Rings are available for the Elite Matte Box, ranging from 80mm to 121mm, so you can easily match it to the lens of your choice.
Optional support brackets:

GEM-QRBSB 15mm lightweight standard
GEM-SBSB 15mm studio standard
GEM-SSB 19mm Studio rods bracket

Maximise light control:

GEM-BD Set of Side Flags (pair)
GEM-FF Elite French Flag
G-SAB    Swing Away Bracket

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